Customer Service

Initiating / Cancelling Service

Customers need to contact the Utility Clerk to start, transfer, or cancel utility services with the Cottage Grove Water &Sewer Utility.
  • New Property Owners - Call (608) 839-4704 to confirm that we have received the correct information from the Title Company.
  • Tenants - To begin service, please contact the Utility Clerk to provide the correct billing information.
  • To End Service - It is encouraged for the tenant to call when they are moving from their residence and request a final read. 

Change of Address

To inform us about a change of billing address, please call Utility Clerk at (608) 839-4704. For example, if you are a winter vacationer and would like your bills to be delivered to your vacation address, please contact the Utility Clerk.

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Thank you for your assistance in keeping your water billing records current.